Meet Me

My name is Kielyn and like most people with like minded blogs I love reading. I'm 20 years old with a boyf (boyfriend) and two dogs and a job and a lot of other stuff going on. A LOT has changed since 3 years ago.

I am a sophomore at Uni and I am not fond of college life LOL i could do without it. I have been reading a lot of manga and YA and recently I have been thinking that my genre taste has changed, and I have been reading a lot of adult fiction and I have been much more fond of it lately. 

I'm a total crime show buff!! I love CSI ALL OF THEM and the Law and Order shows, NCIS, Criminal Minds. I am also a history buff and there are many things that make me tick! I love anime, manga, yaoi, music is amazing as most people would say as well, but I mention it frequently! I just want everyone to find something

 here they can relate to because this may be my book blog but like everyone else there is so much more to me.


  1. Awesome site you have here.You review a lot of the same books i've liked and disliked, so look forward to books you plan to review in the future.I saw your blog on a blogaholic blog roll.New follower, i look forward to your posts.