Book Review: Jenny Green's Killer Junior Year by Amy Belasen and Jacob Osborn

Good Reads Synopsis

Jenny Green is a spoiled teen "princess" and the newest junior at Montreal's Molson Academy. Jenny wants a fresh start in her new school, and she's curious to see what Montreal has to offer, most especially in the boy department. Beautiful, charming, and sharp-witted, Jenny has no trouble getting the boys to fall for her.But when she discovers just how despicable the male gender can be -- with the lying, the cheating, and the utter disrespect -- she decides to make them pay...with their lives.

My Review:
Now this book was HILARIOUS!! It was a great break from my reading paranormal books. It was witty, sarcastic and totally sexy! I loved the sarcasm of Jenny and the dumbness of her roommates and her boyfriends are just the worst! I love how this book was set in Montreal most books are set in the U.S. and it was cool seeing it set somewhere else. Although the Canadians didn't seem very Canadian. They weren't very believable.

Now Jenny is an extremely shallow character and surprisingly it didn't get on my nerves because its just apart of her character. Of course as we get along in the story we see Jenny really change. The other characters just play into the type of character Jenny is. They really bring out her ticks and tocks. I loved how her roommates are the roommates from hell!! I mean hippies that don't shave...can it get any worse??

I can tell you right now, I thought I knew how to pull off the perfect murder but the murders Jenny pulls off are amazing!! I loved the detail that was given. It was very well written and it kept me pulled into the story. The writing style was one that I really enjoyed. There was cute cursing in the book. You know? Like cursing cute little snooty rich girls use like..."Effin douche bag!" It was silly and a real break from my usually reading of extensive cursive.

All in all! This book was hilarious and a great story so I give this book....


  1. I have been wanting to read this for some time! Glad you liked it.

    New follower.


    1. It was a great book! I don't think you'd be disappointed :)