Feature and Follow #5

Feature and Follow #5

This week's question is..

Q: What drove you to start book blogging in the first place?
A: Well I guess what started my blogging was the that I had nobody in my life to really just talk about books with. I mean I had my mom but we read two totally different genres! I've always like reading blogs; so when the opportunity presented itself (summer) I jumped on it. I liked the web part about it and the blogging and writing part about it. It was something to keep me busy over the summer and a way for me to meet new a great people in this community! I did start off vlogging on YouTube but I decided I was a much better writer than I was speaker..lol! 

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  1. New follower!

    I know what you mean. It's hard when you don't have anyone to talk about book with.


  2. Stopping by from the follow Friday, have a great weekend! I’m a new follower, stop by my blog if you have the time.

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  3. I used to vlog a little. When my old computer died and I was without for awhile I got out of practice. It's great to talk books with people isn't it?

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  4. Same here! None of my friends or people I knew liked the same books I read! Which again I say I was ahead of the times in wanting to read paranormals before they were popular! So I started my blog for a contest at first but kept it going as the years went by! Too much fun to stop! I am an addict now!

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    I was a featured blogger!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Yeah, that's an aspect I love about book blogging too!
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  6. I think we all have similar feelings about that! I have friends that love to read but I talk SO MUCH I'm sure it gets boring here. Plus I can connect with a lot of people who feel the same here! Old follower. Stop by My FFF?

  7. I love watching booktubers on youtube, but I definitely prefer to write too! Most of my friends hardly read so I can't gush with them about a certain book I'm in love with... thank goodness for the book blogging community!
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  8. Me too.None of my friends read the same genre as me.

    New follower.
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  9. I prefer blogs than vlogs! I'm a new follower and I understand what you mean about having people to talk about books, not everybody enjoys discussing books like we book bloggers do.

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  10. I getcha, It's so nice being able to talk books to people who feel the same about them as you do ! I'm now following you (:
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  11. That's cool. :D I needed a way to stay busy too, except I was procrastinating instead, haha. I've never heard of vlogging (as I've never heard of a lot of things); but I do get the feeling of being unable to talk books. My siblings think reading takes too much work, and my friends think I read too much (I know, right?) New follower. (And BTW, I love the background of this blog. It looks awesome.)

    I've nominated you for Liebster award! (I don't know if youo've been nominated before, but I see that you haven't for the month of July! I have to nominate someone.) For more info, go here: