Top Ten Tuesday (3)

Well my lovelies! I am not done with my summer work and school starts next Monday!!!!! But I miss the blogging community and I hoped its missed me! I will be doing a book review tomorrow on Identical by Ellen Hopkins but today its all about the Top Ten! So here we go!

Today's Top Ten subject is Top Ten Characters You Would Switch Places With for 24 Hours.

1. Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars. She may have had some hell of a cancer, but I think the chance to meet someone as great as Augustus Waters would have made it a hell of a lot better.

2. Juliet/ Ariel from Juliet Immortal. I think having someone so dark and evilly sexy as Romeo would be great! But to also have sweet sweet Ben there to save the day would be awesome!

3. Vladimir Tod from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. I think Vladimir is a great male vampire character. He isn't rich and he isn't all that handsome (In some people's eyes. I think he is hella sexy!), and he sucks at math. He's like a normal teenage boy except he is a vampire and someone is always trying to kill him. But I want to see what a day is like in Vladimir's life.

4. Jenna Solitaire from Keeper of the Winds. This book was amazing and had amazing characters! Its like a witchcraft mystery and I loved it! Jenna is a great character and has an amazing adventure! I would love to see what that was like!

5. Katarina from Heist Society. Okay. Awesome thief, hot boy billionaire bestfriend, unlimited resources, and a colorful family history... Okay I'm sold!

6. Marc Antony from Julius Caesar. Okay is Marc Antony not the greatest Roman who ever lived!? I think so! He is a great man who avenges his bestfriend he is a great military leader and when it comes down to it he is noble and honest towards his foes!

I am sorry guys and gals!! That is all I could think of!! I guess my creative juices gotta get flowing again!! I hope you liked my Top Ten! What are yours!?


  1. Vladimir Tod is a great choice! He's funny. Nice list!

    My TTT

  2. Great list nonetheless! I didn't even think of Vlad, that's fun choice :)

  3. Great picks! I really want to read Juliet Immortal. It sounds really good. :)

    Thanks for sharing!