Book Chat: Desert Island Books

Hey Loves! Misty over at TheBookRat brought this topic and these are the books I would save from a drowning boat and carry them on a desert island with me :)

1). Book I've Read Before- I would bring Identical by Ellen Hopkins. This book was a beautiful and gorgeous creation. Even though I love everything that Ellen has written, Identical has got to be, by far, my favorite. 

2). Book I've Never Read- I think I would bring The Hunger Games. I hear it is full of action and just thrilling imagery words that "impact the mind" so I think that this book would be the winner for this category. 

3). Childhood Favorite- No doubt I would bring The Magic Treehouse: Mummies in the Morning .I think this book is pretty self explanatory. :D Mary Pope Osborn is a genius!

4). Series- The Harry Potter Series. I love this series, with every bone in my body! 

5). Freebie- I think I would have to bring Twilight as my freebie. I am not ashamed to admit, I am in love with Edward Cullen. I have no shame whatsoever.


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