Scooby Dooby Sunday (1): A Night of Fright is No Delight (1970)

Ello my lovelies! Today is the start of our Scooby Dooby Sundays here at Love Big, Read Big! And I am very excited becasue I love Scooby-Doo with all my heart! So let's get started!!

We start off with the Gang on their way to Beauregard Manor. Colonel Beauregard Sanders recently passed away and left one million dollars in his will for family and Scooby-Doo. The money is to be split up equally among them.( It is a creepy ennough night to have a will read at a creepy old manor!)

When they arrive they meet Mr. Beauregard's lawyers, Mr. Cosgoode Creeps (center) and his partner, Mr. Crawls, couldn't make it. Then we meet the others Scooby is to split the money with: Cousin Slicker (Top Left) Sweet Cousin Meldehyde( Top right) Cousin Simple (bottom right) Nephew Norble (bottom left) and of course Scooby-Doo (bottom middle).

A voice recording ,played by Mr. Creeps, plays the Colonel's voice telling the inheritors that they must stay in the manor over night to get their share of the fortune. But there is a catch! THE MANOR IS HAUNTED!! If they stay they get their share; but if they don't their share will be divided equally among the others.

Mr.Creeps then says, "Well that's it. I will return to the island in the morning to find out which of you remains. If any remain." and then he cries out a freaky, creepy laugh! At this point Scooby is terrified and others assure him that they will stay with him. They all go to bed and Scooby, Shaggy, and Fred are all sharing a room. Shaggy is making a sandwich, while Fred reads the paper and Scooby is heading to the bath.

Scooby is in his bath when a ghost pops open the wall and catches Scooby off guard. Scooby's bath tub slides up and slides him down a chute! Scooby then hear chains and this god-awful laughter that scarys him to death! He runs out and goes into the room. He alarms Freddy and Shaggy! They all go check out the bath tub and it turns out that the bath tub is bolted to the floor.

As they all sleep, the grandfather clock strikes midnight and the chains and spine trembling laughter starts up! Everybody is alarmed and they realize it came from Cousin Simple's room. They all head over to his room to find nothing but his night cap and a message on the mirror. The message says, "The first is gone. The rest will go. Unless you leave the island. And Row! Row! Row! ---The Phantom Shadow" Cousin Slicker suggest that they return to their rooms and lock their doors! (GOOD THINKING COUSIN SLICKER!!) 

The Gang makes a dummy replica of Scooby-Doo. That way when the Phantom Shadow comes to get Scooby, they can grab him. Well Scooby and Shaggy decide to catch this performance from out side on the drain pipe! A ghostly hand from a level above reaches out and pushes the drain pipe making it unstable. Velma tries to help them but all 3 of them end up in a hidden cave under the manor.

While under the manor, Scooby finds foot prints and Velma suggests they follow them. She says, "That's funny, if he's a phantom SHADOW, how is he leving footprints?" Shaggy replies with the most corniest reply, saying "Dirty Feet?" Velma replies, "Well we're gonna follow those dirty feet!" However, Shaggy decides that he wants to run! But Velma puts a stop to that. They follow the footprints, to end up finding a bunch of old Civil War relics. They end up at a wagon full of old uniforms. Then a uniform starts flying and they all run in different directions, screaming! They end up in a elevator only to find out that a duck is in the uniform making it fly. (Ohhhh Scooby)

They take the elevator up, and it take them to Cousin Slicker's room, but no Cousin Slicker. The Gang meets up in the hallway only to find out that all the inheritors are gone! All but one...*Scooby-Doo gulps* (Yeaaa you got that right Scooby!) 

Then the Gang hears someone playing an organ and the decide to follow the sound. They finf the organ but no player. Daphne sees the organ book and Velma reads the writing on the cover. It states, "FEED the organ and watch the floor." And Shaggy oh so cleverly says, "If anybody's gonna get fed around here its gonna be me!" (JUST LIKE SHAGGY TO BE THINKING OF FOOD) Velma states, "You can't feed an organ!" Freddy replies back, " No, but you can play one." Scooby volunteers to play the organ. He runs to get his candle holder and his Tux on (Just like Scooby to be a gentleman). Scooby starts playing without any care and they all watch the floor. But instead the walls start CLOSING IN!! THE DOOR IS LOCKED!! OH NO!! WHAT DO WE DO!? QUICK SCOOBY! DO SOMETHING! SCOOBY-DOO TO THE RESCUE!! And Scooby bangs on the organ to get them to stop! It works! Daphne says, "Let's get out of here! I don't like playing musical riddles!" Velma yells, "That's it! Daphne this is a musical riddle! FEED isn't a word! It's musical notes! F-E-E-D." They play the notes and a secret hatch in the floor opens up. They go down the hatch to end up in a creepy catacomb like place. And then they see coffins! All filled except for the last one that's DOG SHAPED! The coffins start to open up and its the cousins!!!

Then the Phantom Shadow shows up, but hes not a shadow! HES FOR REAL!! AND THERE IS TWO OF THEM!!! The Gang all run, but Scooby faints and Shaggy lures him with a Scooby Snack but Scooby holds out for two! (Come on now Scooby!) They split up and then the chase is on!

Velma, Daphne, and Freddy all run but then a phone rings and Velma answers it! The Ghost takes the phone and Velma is off again! Scooby and Shaggy are on, what seems to be a tandem bicycle, but the ghost is on a third seat!! And the pedal faster like idiots! Shaggy and Scooby put on disguises and dance with the ghost, pushing the keys on the organ making them fall in the hatch in the floor.  

The Gang gets back together and set up a elaborate trap! The trap seems to be going well until Scooby and Shaggy fudge it up! But in the end the trap works! 

The sheriff arrives and they unmask the ghosts! ITS........MR. CREEPS AND MR. CRAWLS!! They wanted to scare off everybody so they could inherit the fortune! And the bodies in the coffins were all dummies! The real inheritors left the island in fear. So Scooby inherited all the fortune only to find out the fortune was old Confederate money and couldn't be used! But in the end he got a bone!

Another Mystery Solved by the Mystery Inc. Gang! Way to go!!

So tell me what you think! Would you have stayed? And If so, how would you feel if you were the only one left!? Please comment below!



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