Scooby Dooby Sunday (2): Go Away Ghost Ship (1969)

Ello my lovelies! Today is the 2nd of many of our Scooby Dooby Sundays here at Love Bigg, Read Bigg! And I am excited every Sunday becasue I love Scooby-Doo with all my heart! So let's get started!!

We start off with seeing a Captin looking through his binoculars on a scary, spooky, foggy night on a ship in the ocean. The captin gasps and sees the Ghost Ship and Ghost of Red Beard the Pirate! Red Beard laughs horrendously!

We see the gang at their hangout, The Malt Shop. Freddy is reading a newspaper that says "Coast Guard baffled as 3rd freighter raided within a week!" Velma goes on to read, "C.L. Magnus, owner of shipping line, claims its the ghost of Red Beard the Pirate, seeking revenge!" Shaggy replies "Like, I'm sure glad hes not seeking my Super Duper sandwich!" *Scooby licks his lips* (Ohhh Shaggy&Scooby!!) Velma replies, "Lucky for him! He'd probably get indigestion. *Scooby steals Shaggy's sandwich* The girls start to feel bad for Mr. Magnus. So Freddy suggests they go and help him solve the mystery.

When they arrive to Mr. Magnus's hotel, his creepy butler opens the door and doesn't allow them in. So they devise a plan to get inside. They dressed up as waiters and brought "room service" to Mr. Magnus's hotel room. Claiming to be serving 11:00 at NIGHT!! (Really guys!? Why not desert!?) 

The gang finally gets to see Mr. Magnus and he explains to Mystery Inc. the history of Redbeard the pirate that about an 300 hundred years ago, Red Beard was the terror of the seven seas but Mr. Magnus's ancestors brought him to justice. He vowed to RETURN AND AVENGE HIMSELF!!! (Sorry I tried to create suspense!) Now his ghost came back for vengeance.

Then, the gang goes out on the marina in a speedboat and try to lure Redbeard to the speedboat, they switch on a tape recorder, playing a ship horn. You hear Red Bread's horrifying laugh! The ghostly pirate ship is getting closer and CLOSER AND CLOSER, until.....THE GHOST PIRATE SHIP RAMS THEM!! As they sink we can hear Daphne yelping, "Ohhh my hairdo!!!" (Leave it to Daphne!)  The Gang clambers aboard anyway they can, splitting up. Shaggy and Scooby come in through a window. As they are walking down the hallway, Scooby sees a picture of Red Beard and he starts joking around and drawing on the picture. Only its not a picture! Its Red Beard!! They flee but they are attacked by a flying ghost sword!! Red Beard and his two ghostly henchmen catches them. 

We look at the others. Freddy says, "For a ghost ship, there aren't many ghosts around." Velma replies, "Maybe they've gone haunting for a new house!" and the Daphne joins in, "Or out with a couple of old ghoul friends!" (Okay. I love corny things and I died laughing!!) They laugh! and Then Red Beard laughs also! They see him and follow him into a room, but Red Beard locks them in a room full of dry ice!!! 

We look back at Scooby-Doo and Shaggy! Red Beard yells, "Stop your sniveling or I'll make ye walk the plank!" Shaggy and Scooby only sob more! Shaggy asks, "What are you gonna do to us your ghostliness!?" Red Beard makes a gesture of cutting their heads off! (WHAT!? NOT MY MAN!! NOT MY SCOOBY-DOO!!!) Red Beard then says, "But! If you were good for something, I'd spare you." And Shaggy pipes up! "We're good cooks!" and so Red Beard lets them cook, but if its nasty its off with their heads! Shaggy and Scooby make him stew out of ashes, soap, cobwebs and chains, called Ghost Pirate Stew! Red Beard forces them to eat it and they do, but the soap causes them to blow bubbles so they create a bubble screen and flee. Hiding from his two henchmen, Shaggy dons a paper pirate hat and imitates Red Beard, fooling the henchman with his shadow and creepily accurate imitation. 

Shaggy and Scooby accidentally fall overboard, while trying to sneak on the poop deck! Velma, Daphne, and Fred see them through a porthole and yell to them for help, but the boat takes off and Shaggy and Scooby follow the ghost ship all the way to a hidden cave where Fred, Daphne, and Velma are chained up. Freddy uses straw and bubble gum to reach the key Red Beard left. They are set free and find Shaggy and Scooby. They find a clue on Shaggy's paper pirate hat. Its a ship's manifest!! On the hat, is a list of the cargo that was on the freighter that was hijacked and how much the cargo was worth.

The Gang find truck tire tracks! (Now why would a ghost need a truck!?) They follow them. They end up at a pirate's chest! Shaggy opens it and out pops this crazy scary skeleton asking for the password! "What's the password, you swabs!?" Shaggy yells, "Zoinks! A talking pirate skull!" Velma replies" Everybody relax! Its just a mini micro-phoning speaker!" The Gang all try passwords: Sixteen Men on a Pirate's Chest, Yo Yo Ho Blow the Man Down!? Until Shaggy's works, "Yum Yum Yum and a Liverwurst Al a Mode!" It opens!! and they follow the tire tracks!

The gang navigates through the caves and enter a cavern full of the stolen cargo -- and Red Beard and his crew! A chase ensues with the pirates. Shaggy and Scooby are chased into a box by the ghost sword! But its a box full of SCOOBY SNACKS!!! With the help of Shaggy, Scooby and a jackhammer, Redbeard is captured and he is unmasked!! Its C.L. Magnus!!! He was about to lose his business if he didn't come up with some money. So he raided his own ships and sold the cargo. The ghost sword was operated by wires and the dry ice made the eerie fog.


So how would you guys fair against a ghost pirate!? Would you be scared because let's face it...HES A GHOST! or would you be okay because he was a human and only a ghost?? Comment and lemme know!! Byee my lovelies!! Thanks for stopping by!!


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