Throwback Tuesday (1) The Magic Tree House #17 Tonight on the Titanic by Mary Pope Osborne

Throwback Tuesday is all about your favorite books as a child or books from your child hood. If you want to join in just do so but make sure you mention me somewhere, please! Happy Blogging!
Goodreads Synopsis
The Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie to the decks of that ill-fated ship, the "Titanic". There they help a toddler find her way to a lifeboat before they, themselves, are in grave danger of becoming two more victims of the tragic event.

Why I love this book: I loved this book because of the drama and the closeness of the themes of the actual movie The Titanic and the story-line in this book.

Who was your favorite character and why? I think Annie and Teddy the Dog were my favorite characters in this story. Without Annie there would be no emotion. Annie is a great young child female character. She is full of energy and life and at the age of 8 years old, Annie made me laugh and want to keep reading. And of course we all loved Teddy, who we all knew was Morgan the Librarian!

Tell us about your favorite subtle parts of the book: I think some of my favorite subtle parts was always right when they were entering a book. Osborne had this reoccurring line in her books, Jack would point to a page in the book and say, "I wish we could go there."The wind started to blow. The tree house started to spin. It spun faster and faster. Then everything was still. Absolutely still. As a child this was always my favorite part. I remember my teacher reading a new Magic Tree House book to us everyday after lunch and we would all help her recite that line. 

I also love the random places the Tree House landed when they got to where they needed to be. This time they ended up in a smokestack!

I love how Jack was always taking notes in his notebook. It showed how studious, even at a young age, he was.

So I really encourage you to check out The Magic Tree House! It will literally only take you 10 minutes to read, but it is a quick and heartwarming read. It will most likely take you back to your childhood. I know it does for me!

PS: Tell me what was your favorite childhood book!


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