Book Review: Arson by Estevan Vega

Good Reads Synopsis:
Before now, three things were true: he both loved and despised his grandmother; his life was going nowhere; and he was alone. But when a strange girl--who feels more normal behind a mask than inside her own skin--moves in next door, Arson hopes to find something he's never had: purpose. After years of living in fear, he will be forced to confront his haunting past and embrace the unknown as he walks the fine line between boy and monster. Edgy, realistic, and breathtaking, Arson, the chilling chronicle of an isolated teenager with unimaginable ability, is set to ignite the hearts and minds of a new generation.
My review:
WOW. And honestly that is all I can say is WOW. I mean I have honestly never read anything that kept me just so engrossed! And I have read some great books but this puts the icing on the cake!

We start off meeting Arson Gable he is thinking about his past and we can tell right off the bat that he is troubled about something he has done. We learn about how his grandmother is not very fond of him. She loves him but something is not right there. He moves over to the dock and lake. He is being haunted by his memories and the steps into the lake. "The weight of remembering dragged him down in a filthy drag of water, his coffined body jerking. The veins on his head began to swell. He was choking." Sweet Goodness! Can it get anymore suspenseful? Can it pull you in even more!? Hell yes it can!

Let's Talk Characters:
Arson (Stephen) Gable is a seventeen year boy who is trying to live his life with his past. He is trying to move on. He lives with his grandmother whom is a person all her own. Arson has the ability to start fires with his mind. He can make his body catch fire when he is angry, sad, bothered, and or nervous. He thinks he is a monster. A freak. His grandmother has told him so all his life. His mother died giving birth to him and his grandmother won't let him forget it. He loves comics and wishes he was a hero, but he can't see himself as one. I see him as a strong and bold character. He is someone I would love to get to know to try and understand better.

Kay (Grandma)- Now I don't have a degree in psychology but I pretty sure Grandma Kay has schizophrenia along with progressing Alzheimer's. She is a mean old bat in my eyes! But there are times in this novel where I can't help but to feel sympathy for Old Kay. Kay wished for her youth back and her looks back. She felt old and undesirable. She hurts Arson in a way that none of us can understand. She claims she loves him but in my eyes she has a twisted way of showing that. Arson can't help but to love his grandmother though. No matter what. 

Emery Phoenix is a seventeen year old girl who wears a mask to hide her face. She wishes she was beautiful and she wishes for a normal life. Between her parents, outside people, and her inner feelings, Emery feels she is the only one seeing life for what it really is. She is bright and very wise for her age. Emery is a strong and brave character. She is definitely one of my favorite female characters. She deals with way more than she needs to and she handles it so well.

Aimee Phoenix is Emery's mother. Aimee is going through what I think is a mid- life crisis. Where women ask themselves this question, "I'm half way through my life and this is all I have to show for it?" Aimee is disgusted with her husband her marriage and her life. She doesn't understand her daughter and every time they talk all they do is clash. She describes her life and this feeling she has as drowning. She feels everything is falling down. Until she finds her youth and love again through her boss, Carlos.

Joel Phoenix is the husband of Aimee and father of Emery. He is a (failed) minister among other things. He truly loves his wife Aimee, but she won't let him in. He knows he has made his share of mistakes and he wants to try and fix what hes done. He wants to spend time with his family and make things right. But Aimee won't let him. She is completely numb to him. He loves his daughter to death but he can't seem to reach her. He feels he is doing the best he can but it just gets blown up in his face. So he turns to the next best thing... The Bottle.

Mandy Kimball is Arson's, shall we say, eye candy. he thinks he loves her and is a sucker for her. He gives her free ice cream anytime she is at his job. Boys will be Boys I guess. But Many is what we call a fake, two faced female dog. She is so beautiful in Arson's eyes. But after spending time with Emery I saw that wear off a little bit. Mandy's character shows us no matter how much of a freak Arson thinks he is and what he can do, he still is a teenage boy.

The Plot:
This book's plot was amazing and great! The story line was clean-cut and filled with description and back story and we all know I LOVE BACK STORY! The names of the main two character, Arson and Emery. How can it get any better than that!? I love names also, I think it give a character so much personality, it makes them real. I think I may name my daughter Emery..hmmm...ANYWAY! This book definitely taught lessons about life and who we are and who and what people perceive us to be. Reading this deep and moving book made me a little better of a person.

Is it worth it: 
IT IS WORTH IT! I do believe this is a book everyone need one their shelves. Estevan Vega did an amazing job with this book and I can't wait to check out the sequel!

So with everything being considered I give this book... the legendary and RARELY heard of Sacred Shelf Rating.

Ashes by Estevan Vega:

The minds running Salvation Asylum have abducted them for a dark purpose. A campaign has been set in motion to genetically alter mankind. Unknowingly, Arson has become the most vital instrument in this global scheme, initiated by a select group of brilliant scientists and cunning world leaders. Confused, trapped, and unable to fully manifest his abilities, Arson faces a new existence crawling with questions. Will he ever see Emery again? Is Grandma still alive? Can the fate of the human race really hang in the balance of one choice?
Nightmare and reality collide in Ashes, book two in the gripping ARSON trilogy. Love will be tested. Powers will shift. And the past will invade the here and now as Arson discovers a part of himself he has never before known and fights against his own shocking origins. Will this boy who once tempted fire be able to take on a fearful future? When the struggle intensifies and secrets come to light, will Arson be ready to accept the haunting revelation that there may be others out there, others like him?


  1. Wow I have never heard of this book and I love the covers. I will have to check it out.

    1. Its really worth it. I wasn't disappointed :)

  2. Arson looks great!

    1. Its amazing! I think E. Vega came up with a main character that everyone could have sympathized with at one point in their lives.