Tune In Tuesday

Tune In Tuesday (1): Kendra Morris

Tune In Tuesday is weekly meme hosted by GReads that showcases music.

I love listening to my Pandora stations and on my Amy Whinehouse station came up Kendra Morris' Spooky Boy and I gave it a try. I LOVE this song its like a song for a rainy day or when its dark or the lights are brought down and you just want to chill. Its great!


  1. Excellent song! I had never heard it or heard of it before you mentioned it.

  2. What a great voice she has! I love Amy Winehouse too =) I wish that I could use Pandora here in Canada -- I had an account when it first started up, before they checked IP addresses and determined who wasn't in the US =( It was an awesome way of discovering new music!

    1. I find it really weird that this song and artist is really under the radar here! Such a great voice should be better known! You know I'm pretty sure Jango works in Canada it is just like Pandora :)

  3. I haven't been on Pandora in ages! Thanks for sharing this new (to me, anyway) artist!